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One of the first things you'll notice upon meeting Black is his rural east Tennessee upbringing from the way he talks. Now living under the bright lights of Music City, he hasn't forgotten where he came from and it is portrayed heavily in his music. Dalton began playing guitar and writing songs in 2015 and has since toured regionally in the southeastern part of the United States and from one side of Tennessee to the other. He has performed in various basement dives, county fairs, festivals, museums, night clubs and bars with the mindset that no gig is more important than another. He gives 110% whether theres 5 people in attendance or 5000. He doesn't do it for the glitz or glamour but for the love of the music. "I'll play anywhere that will have me" Black says. That mindset has paid off as the stages have continued to get bigger. Dalton has opened for various country acts such as John Berry, Ray Scott, Wade Hayes, and played shows alongside Marc Alan Cash (nephew of Johnny Cash). His latest single "For You" which was written and used to propose to his Wife Kelsey, has been played on several radio stations across the nation and was featured on the HLE Christian Country Countdown that is broadcast on several stations ranging from Texas to Florida. Dalton will be releasing his follow-up single "Grandaddy's Gospel" in summer of 2019. 

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Dalton's live shows will pull at your heart strings with his soulful originals and his renditions of hits such as Folsom Prison Blues to Rocky Top will have you pulling at your shoe strings to kick them off and start dancing!

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"For You" Official Video 3K Views 

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"For You" 2.3K streams

”Grandaddy’s Gospel” 3.3K streams

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2.5K Followers on Instagram

1.6K Likes on Facebook


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